Handmade climbing pegboards available in a limited quantity. Bring a custom, one-off look to your home gym or box with these unique, live edge climbing boards. Each board is individually formed using standing dead Ponderosa Pine trees harvested in Wyoming. Since they are each different in shape and width they are laid out individually on either an 8’ or a 5’4” tall live edge plank. The 1 3/8” peg holes are individually drilled through the 2” thick solid boards. The planks are sanded smooth on both faces. The bark is removed using a drawknife and then the edge is sanded smooth. Once the boards are sanded, they are sealed with 3 coats of polyurethane to protect the finish and color. We have a standard clear finish available as well as an extra process where we first torch the wood to give it a more rugged look before applying the polyurethane. There are a limited number of boards available at this time. 1 set of 8” long pegs are included with each board. These boards are great for wrestlers, rock climbers, and fitness enthusiasts.

5’ 4” boards poly are $350.00. Torched are $370.00

8’ boards poly are $375.00. Torched are $395.00

Shipping is extra based on zip code in continental USA

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