Chitwood House

A total home build in Kent County, MD


This project was originally supposed to be a stand alone timber frame job for Wey. But after several meetings I could tell that Steve and Janet Chitwood would be excellent people to work with. At the same time they were feeling that they wanted to work with us on more than just the timber frame.
When they invited me to bid on the entire project, I was thrilled. We ended up being the general contractor for the whole job from start to finish.
The architect, Kevin Shertz, did an excellent job of designing the home with the Chitwoods. He also worked with us hand-in-hand throughout the entire project to make this a very successful partnership.
I told Janet when we started that I had three goals: to give them the house that they wanted, to make money and to remain friends beyond the end of the project. When Janet and I were talking at the end of the project one day, she said, “Well, I love the house and we are great friends; I hope you made money!”
What a fun project! 

Joe Wey and his talented team at Wey Timber Frames built our wonderfully distinctive home on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay in rural Kent County, Maryland. Building this 4300 sq.ft. architect-designed house was a complex project, requiring an understanding of the most up-to-date and efficient building techniques combined with the knowledge and skills of historical timber framing. Precise, continuous, and open communication with the architect, carpenters, subcontractors and others involved in the building process was critical to the success of the project. Joe’s performance in these areas was consistently superb, proving his skills as both a master builder and craftsman.

The timber frame part of the house—a 19’ x 43’ great room—was built with posts and beams handcrafted in the Wey Timber Frames shop. Each component was joined with glove like precision and pegged together on site. The beauty of the wood, the joinery, the network of beams, rafters and braces, are all evidence of Joe’s woodworking craftsmanship.

Working with Joe was as much a pleasure as watching the daily progress on the house. His kindness, integrity, professional responsiveness to our wants and needs, and unflagging sense of humor made for a confident and most enjoyable experience. We recommend him to anyone wanting an outstanding and memorable building experience.

Janet and Stephen Chitwood
Chestertown, Maryland