Old barn becomes a new house.


The Crownsville House is the third we’ve built for our client and close friend Carolyn. We’ve done two in Crownsville, MD and one in Pinedale, Wyoming for her.
They were all fun projects but the most recent one was very enjoyable since it involved the takedown of an old barn. We disassembled a barn that was at least 120 years old, cleaned it up, transported it to Crownsville, MD and reassembled most of it as it stood for Carolyn’s new home.
The space she now lives in is hard to duplicate with modern timbers since her beams are hand hewn. We were able to incorporate both of the original ladders into the new place.
The building is enclosed with SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) so it is very efficient to both heat and cool. The panels leave you with a very quiet environment inside as well.
Carolyn and her family are enjoying living in their brand new 120 year old house.